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It’s all about time-to-market and profit margins!

Designs and engineering plans are a typical route for manufacturers or freelancers. Having spent years both as an industrial designer and in leading elevator manufacturing lines, I know the costs and time involved and how it affects unit economics, market entry and how it can affect your profit margins.

Depending on the job at hand, and your resources, it typically takes 50,000 to 150,000 €/$ and 6 to 18 months, through designs, redesigns, testing and validation before a manufacturer can launch an elevator in the market or parts of it. But…not anymore!

The elevator plans included here are the product of countless hours of work and dedication to design for manufacturability and they are all yours for a fraction of the cost. Whether you are an industrial designer working for a client, or a manufacturer working in the elevator space, just download and get started right away!

2D Drawings & Renders

Full .PDF and image files for all of my designs are available. All downloads include files in metric (mm) and imperial system (inches) units.


All designs include .EDRW files for your convenience. EDRW files are SolidWorks eDrawings. Open for free with eDrawings Viewer. Convert to JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.


Designed for Manufacturability, all downloads include 3D Assembly Bill of Materials (.EASM) and 3D .STEP and .DXF files for laser cutting, punching, and bending machines

EN 81.20, 81.21, 81.1, 81.2

All design files comply fully with the EN standards governing safety rules for the construction and installation of elevators / lifts

Themis Stamatiou, MSc

Industrial Design Engineer & Pioneer in Elevator Systems

Hi, I'm Themis. For over 20 years, I've dedicated my career to the art and science of elevator system design and manufacturing. My journey has been one of constant innovation, driven by a passion for functionality, and a commitment to sustainable and efficient design. This is my effort to support the trend towards digitalization and democratization of manufacturing resources.

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Balustrade Standard - FREE SAMPLE
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Elevator Balustrade plans with standard dimensions. Files are optimized for heavy duty construction, fewer components than the rest of the market (metal parts, screws), in accordance with 81.20/81.21 and 81.1/81.2.

The designs allow for easy assembly, disassembly and transport, a bolted construction concept and one person working alone without special construction knowledge or welding required. The bundle includes:

  • CAD Drawings: 2D and 3D models (.edrw, .pdf), 3D renders (.png)
  • Production files: Bill of Materials (.easm), Laser cutting, punching & CNC bending (.step, .dxf)
  • Dimensions (mm): Height: 700 mm, Width: 1000 mm
  • Dimensions (inches): Height: 27.68'', Width: 39.37''
You will get a ZIP (4MB) file

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